Inchiostro of Alessia Giulimondi

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Friday, May 27, 2016 Review by Fabrizio Giulimondi
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Inchiostro of Alessia Giulimondi
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Inchiostro by Alessia Giulimondi


This is a novel review of INK, a novel written in Italian. Titled “Inchiostro”, “The screaming in my ears are strong and far, deafening and confused, but the wind is too strong and takes me head in unfamiliar places of which
only I have the key.

I was marked by ‘indelible pain, He did walk along the shore of life. ”

Nigel has just lost his father, accidentally found in his attic a letter addressed to him by the parent. He opens it and begins to read …

We are in Berlin at the beginning of the summer of 1944. Two boys, Giacomo and Greta, meet. She is German, “daughter” (who?) And he is an Italian boy
who lost his family. The two embark on a journey to Rome, but things will be more complicated than expected.

The story weaves between past and present in a continuous search of themselves.
The protagonists will contend with a perpetual and incessant guilt, fear of love, fear of life and fear of dying.

All of it accompanied by the tragic background of war and dreadful extermination that should never be forgotten.

It’s a great novel written in Italian. The novel is not yet available in English. But you can purchase the original italian version for only 13 EUROS: .


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